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1600 sqft 4 bedroom house big garage for $1400 a month
What I Need:
I need a1600+sqft house for $1400 a month I have a rental trust to pay all my rental expenses guaranteed for a year at a time. The tenants would be myself 30 years old and three others ages 52year old woman, 19 Yar old woman and a 16 year old boy! We have
a service dog weighing 10lbs.Our home owner sold their home we were living in and we need to relocate before 4/01/2018 please help!
What I'm Offering:
Staging, interior design, fashion models, maintenance self defense training, carpentry, copper hand crafted items, Painting cleaning, upholstry,massage therapy
I can offer personal training self defense training massage therapy maintenance and handcrqfted items I also do interior and exterior painting jobs! Now I also live with a business and home staging , she also does interior design and spartal planning.
Now the 19 year old is stunning looking to make her way into high fashion! She is6 '2" beautiful. Very professional!
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Phoenix, Arizona, United States
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Posted By: Key M.
Arizona, United States
Date Posted: 3/18/2018
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