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4 20" Tires
What I Need:
I need 2 x 295 30 20's and 2 x 285 30 20s
What I'm Offering:
flooring installs and more
i am a flooring specialst, i can demo and install any kind of flooring, i've built decks before, if i have a plan for it i can built things from wood, i can hang cabinets, im really good at installing car speakers and radios, i can do routine home manentence
jobs, like cleaning the gutters, i can hang christmas ligts i don't mind moving furniture can assemble furniture. if it has to do with home mainentce, repairs, or renevations if you ask me, i can proably do it. i don't do electricity and i'm not a plumber.
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huntsville, Texas, United States
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Posted By: norman s.
Texas, United States
Date Posted: 2/8/2018
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