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A COUNTRY HOUSE FOR MY MOTHER: IS MY DREAM. Hello everybody. My name is Jose Luis Gonzalez Aleman and I live in Gran Canaria, Canary Islands (Spain, Europe). I´m a Phd and clinical psychologist, but unfortunately now I´m unemployed due to the nowadays
Economic Crisis in Spain. My mother´s dream (Rosa Aleman Padron) was always to have a country house here in Gran Canaria in a way to plant potatoes, tomatoes, oranges, limons, apples, grapes and etc., that was always her dream. Unfortunately due to various
life circumstances I wasn´t able to make her dream come true. One of my 2 hobbies is oil painting, and it could sound a complete craziness, but I would like to auction or swap for money one of my oil paintings in order to buy this country house for my mother.
A cheap country house here in Gran Canaria with backyard could probably cost around 150000 euros (more or less 166305 us dollars). So, I sell or change my oil painting for 166305 us dollars or auction my work from 166305 us dollars. Also I would like to beg
you that everyone who wants to help me with this proposal, help me in the following way: tell about his proposal to your friends and also make your own contribution. Also you can ask me all the information you need about this proposal, and if you want to contact
me directly via skype or calling me, there is no problem either. I think that the best way is either contacting me via skype or writing me an e-mail, because a direct call from USA to Gran Canaria would probably cost much money due to roaming issues. To ask
me any question regarding this proposal, you can write me to jlgamymotherdream@gmail.com and then I will tell you my skype if necessary. If you want to send your donation, you can do it directly to: José Luis González Alemán Calle Doctor Alfonso Spinola nº
10, 4º Derecha 35011 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Gran Canaria, Canary Islands (SPAIN, EUROPE) Or you can send me your donation to my name: José Luis González Alemán in this bank account: Bank: ING DIRECT Bank Account: ES75.1465.0100.9817.1531.1902 IBAN: ES75
Code BIC: INGDESMMXXX Thank you very much Jose Luis
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Posted By: José Luis G.
New York, United States
Date Posted: 8/14/2016
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