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A MIL (Mother in law) or separate studio, or cottage
What I Need:
A small studio or cottage separate from the main house with a private entrance. A washer and dryer access would be ideal.
What I'm Offering:
I am experienced cook, master gardener, and horse trainer
I am looking to move anywhere north of Tacoma, ideally closer to Redmond. I am offering to be a personal cook for either a busy family, or anyone who wants fresh nutritious meals. I am willing to do the shopping and preparing. I also am a master gardener,
I am 46 year old woman, I can maintain, prune, water, mow the property. Also, in a situation with horses or animals, I can care for feed, exercise.
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Posted By: Megan L.
Washington, United States
Date Posted: 8/28/2016
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