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a nice car for my 18 year old
What I Need:
My son just turned 18, he needs a car to go to school in santa rosa. It needs to be reliable and clean with low miles. I would love to give him something he would like.
What I'm Offering:
Art glass"Thickie" vase by Justin parker of Esque studios
Justin parker studied in Italy with the Master craftmen in glass works (see internet) His "Thickie" vase designs are on Gwyneth Paltro's "Goop" and are his most popular art work. My vase , according to Mr Parker, was done in 1999 pre Esque studios. about
seven inches tall in cobalt blue with golden streak. His Thickie on goop is 12,000 and is about half the size of my vase
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United States
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Posted By: nicole v.
California, United States
Date Posted: 5/11/2017
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