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A safe place for myself to stay (the more rural the better location-wise) between seasonal jobs, possibly with pets (in FL, and/or mountainous parts of the usa)
What I Need:
Somewhere that has lots of nature, and is safe to walk in regardless of the time of day. If in FL (I'm currently in FL) there would need to be somewhere with air conditioning accessible or in the building. If in a snowy region the same would go for heat.
I would need to have the option to have a pet with me (no weight restrictions). If there are roommates, female (as am I) only, and they must be kind, open-minded, and respectful. I would also need a way to get to and from the airport without needing to drive
for when I leave for a new seasonal job. Communication is important throughout this exchange, so feel free to ask any questions that seem important.
What I'm Offering:
Can teach: sewing, jewelry making, finger knitting, cooking, or basic macrame. Can custom make: accessories, jewelry, or take photos. Can share: my advice and opinions.
I can teach in detail sewing (by machine), jewelry making (using beads and/or wire), finger knitting, cooking (baking included), or basic macrame (think friendship bracelets). I can create a variety of accessories, possibly clothes (not too experienced
in making clothing for others yet hence the term possibly), jewelry, and/or take photos of a specific subject (nature, wildlife, family photos, etc.). I could also give an honest opinion, or advice to the best of my abilities. Note: all of these offers apply
during the time of the exchange.
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Posted By: Kelsey R.
Florida, United States
Date Posted: 10/22/2018
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