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A talented tattoo artist
What I Need:
I need a tattoo artist to provide a tattoo. I would like it to cover one full butt cheek and swoop up a little to my lower back and side area. Mainly in the butt area to cover a birth mark. I have what I want in mind, but need someone to make it personal.
Someone that is good at details of animals, as my tattoo would have a tiger in it. And someone who can tattoo human faces... as there is a girls face in the tattoo as well.
What I'm Offering:
Personal training services.
I can design you an entire customized program, meal plan, cardio, and supplements. I have been a trainer for over 12 years. Certified and hold a college degree. This would all be customized to your fitness goals.
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Posted By: Danielle P.
California, United States
Date Posted: 3/22/2017
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