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An Automobile
What I Need:
I need a car or truck worth the same value as my camper
What I'm Offering:
A compact camper
Eureka Compact Camper AC, Microwave, Mini-Fridge, Mini-Sink, Propane Stove, Portable Toilet, Sleeps 2-3 Value $5,995 BRAND NEW Custom-Made Lightweight Compact-Camper/Travel Trailer Includes Air Conditioner, Microwave, Mini-Fridge, Mini-Sink, Propane Stove,
Portable Toilet/Porta-Potty Amenities: -Standing area in front -Two long cushioned booth seats with table -Seats and cushions convert to full size bed -Sleeps 2 to 3 people -Air conditioning -Microwave -Mini refrigerator -Propane stove -Mini sink -Clean water
tank and gray water tank for off grid water -Portable flushing toilet with black water tank -Hose connection for campground water -Storage container on front of trailer for generator or battery -Interior and exterior lighting -Extension cord connection for
campground electricity -Power outlets -6' x 8' living space in camper with 11' trailer -Total weight is under 1,650 lbs total -Can be towed by cars and small trucks or SUVs with a 2" ball hitch
Please Note: This swap requires you to be located near the following location:
Marietta, Georgia, United States
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Posted By: Ryan R.
Date Posted: 6/16/2016
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