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What I Need:
I am conducting an experiment to see if barter could be practical for me. So, I am open to a wide variety of offers. If I think that I could use it, I'll take it.
What I'm Offering:
Fast Paced Time Sensitive Sales Writing
If an audio signal hits your eardrum, it takes one eighth of a second to be perceived by your brains frontal lobe. But, it only takes about half that time for a written word to make that same journey from your eye. I'm not here to offer you sales writing
that you could have just as easily written yourself. I have over then years experience in advertising and sales. Eight of those years ware spent writing ad copy. So, today you are in luck. I'm in the process of researching a work of literary fiction. That's
why I'm willing to barter for my services. One of my characters looses his job. Then he tries working for barter so that he can make at least something while he's looking for paid work. I'm looking to engage in about five or ten barter transactions. You can
offer me just about anything in exchange. I just want to see if I can make this work. I'll only be taking offers for about a day or so. I'm going to remove this ad as soon as I get enough trades for my research.
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Posted By: Charles B.
New York, United States
Date Posted: 11/15/2016
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