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Automotive Body Service
What I Need:
I need someone to help me pry my hood open so that I can get the insides checked out, oil changed, brake fluid, and an overall assessment of under the hood
What I'm Offering:
Personal Services, Writing, Drawing, Guitar Lessons, Cleaning, Cooking, Baking, etc
I can help around the house or assist with things you may need. I am a very well written/spoken person and can write up any type of prose or creative writing that may be needed for work/school/etc. I can also draw pretty well and I can do digitizing of
my arts. I have played guitar for about 9yrs and would be willing to teach. I also can clean efficiently and I'm really good in a kitchen. Really need to keep my car running, so please let me know!
Please Note: This swap requires you to be located near the following location:
Metro Detroit, Michigan, United States
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Posted By: Nicole S.
Date Posted: 6/7/2016
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