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Clean out side my home and cut trees
What I Need:
I have a property that im going to open for my family that need a place to stay and need help on cleaning up the property from leaves, branches, and also cutting the tree branches down from around the property.
What I'm Offering:
Website Designing, Computer Repair, Business Consulting
I can create you a great website for personal blogs or business all you would have to do is register the domain. This is just building the site with all details plugged in and looking great not teaching how to run it. With computers I can reprogram software
or install windows, Apple, Kindle, or Android, system for you with drivers included. With the business consulting I will work you through a process of bringing up your smarts depending the type of business it is with, marketing & sales, plus help you organize
certain aspects of you company big or small or at home doesn't matter. Business is business.
Please Note: This swap requires you to be located near the following location:
Mobile, Alabama, United States
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Posted By: Domenick H.
Alabama, United States
Date Posted: 12/11/2017
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