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Co-signer for a Commercial Lease
What I Need:
I need a co-signer for a commercial lease I am attempting to get. It's an 8 year lease with rent costing about $420,000 for the entire period. We are looking for someone that has a net worth of over $300,000 to help us out (could include cash in bank accounts,
owned homes, retirement accounts, etc). We are happy to provide our business plan to serious parties.
What I'm Offering:
Cash or minority ownership
We are willing to offer cash or minority ownership in the business. For cash, we would pay $5,000 if the lease gets approved thanks to your help (paid when the lease gets signed). For minority ownership, we would give 2% ownership in the business for the
duration of the lease (worth significantly more than the cash option but would pay out over time).
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Posted By: Meghan S.
Wisconsin, United States
Date Posted: 7/18/2018
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