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What I Need:
I had my entire top set capped and an implant, several on bottom 13 years ago. As faith would have it, slowly but surely they gave all either chipped broke off or cracked. After 5 years, I had to have front tooth removed and a three tooth bridge put in.
Two temp frowns fell out. Of course I was doing well with managing visits and family. Murphy?s law.. lost Mom, year later, dad.. paid for both burials, and this year lost brother. Paid for that also. It seems like every time I save a little money... well you
get the picture. I do have dental insurance, but what I need done, is just too expensive after insurance.
What I'm Offering:
Marketing - product positioning -SEO Production - graphic design/web design/massive print deep discounts. Branding ,strategy &development Culinary - I am a chef and artist by trade. Cater parties/ cost saving/ food purchasing
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Posted By: Frank P.
California, United States
Date Posted: 8/9/2018
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