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financial start up assistance
What I Need:
I am in need of $500.00 upfront cash to start a business website / landing page(s)
What I'm Offering:
Full-time employment for one month - virtual
ISO of a business person/ Entrepreneur who would like to exchange / barter for my professional servicesTHE ASK -----> I am in need of $400 upfront to pay for my business website & landing pagesTHE OFFER -----> I will work for you, FULL TIME for one month,
starting immediately. I will handle all your calls, both incoming & out, as well as handle all online correspondence for a period of one month for you. Your calls will be forwarded via Google Voice, and I work from my fully automated home office.I am a degreed'
professional (BS Business, Michigan State University)I am a consummate professional. I have excellent communication skills, as well as strong business acumen.I will EVEN do some outgoing calls for you >> in the way of leads or appointment settings.THIS OFFER
IS A WIN WIN FOR you, as my services for full-time work would land well above the $400.00 that I am requiring upfront for my business venture.If you have a service business, or an Entrepreneur with a startup, this is an excellent opportunity for you. I have
worked for many lawyers and RE brokers in this capacity as well.Please feel free to contact me to discuss further and we can make a plan.Take care and look forward to chatting! A
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Posted By: AbbiGayle S.
Florida, United States
Date Posted: 6/19/2018
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