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Food truck- Business partners...
What I Need:
Associates interested in launching a food truck or restaurant business...
What I'm Offering:
25plus years experience... Everything from a mall front fast food joint, to a large high class establishment...
I am a financial indigent. Spending nearly my whole life in a kitchen setting or restaurant of some type... I have never had much as far as money or credit, and thus have no backing behind my ideas... Opening and launching corporate to family restaurants,
to running kitchens alone or in a large team setting... And now, I have given my body to the industry, and now nearly broken physically in ways, but not mentally, I know a kitchen. I know a recipe. I know the customer, and how to please them. I'm seeking anyone
else who might be interested in starting up a business in the Food Service Industry. Anything from a simple food truck, BBQ or cooking competitions or more.
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Posted By: Mick L.
United States
Date Posted: 5/20/2017
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