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Growing partnership
What I Need:
I am a current MMJ patient, in a over-regulated state, and am looking for a legal place to set up my medicinal indoor/outdoor grow. I need someplace safe and secure to grow, while I reside with my garden. I'm looking to relocate to a legitimate state with
my current registered service dog, my garden and it's needed belongings.
What I'm Offering:
Basics and the entire groundwork for a full growing operation.
I have a currently running basic indoor garden. If given the right living arrangements, room/space and support, I can further upgrade, beyond my own personal use amounts, to an exponential size, and maybe even higher-grade quality, based your state's legality...
I have an entire currently running CFL set-up, with everything running a consistent supply of personal medicine, and can contribute much of the needed necessities, and in part to further expansion...
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Posted By: Mick L.
United States
Date Posted: 5/20/2017
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