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Hair Extensions and color or someone to pay for me to get it done
What I Need:
I just removed the last pieces I still had attached of tape in hair extensions, my hair regrowth is out of control with about 4 inches of virgin hair (light brown) with my ends being platinum blonde and just above shoulder length. the blonde is vry dry
and broken split ends with uneven hair cut from last stylist. I am a entertainer and need my hair done in order to feel gorgeous and have self confidence again to start working again. I prefer I tip or shrinkie tubes extensions but I'm open to anything that
will give me full beauty pageant hair again that is all the same color or highlighted.
What I'm Offering:
Im open to your needs..
massage, office work, cleaning, assistant, dog sitting/walker, promotions, child care, Driver, I can even apply your itips for you, modeling is my job so if you need me for a trade show or possibly need photographs for your company website or business
cards I am attractive and skilled.
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Posted By: jordan e.
California, United States
Date Posted: 7/21/2017
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