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Heating Oil $450 Value Delivered
What I Need:
Need my oil tank filled for winter
What I'm Offering:
Shock Wave Therapy for Pain & Injury Rehab $450/4 treatments
I use Storz EPAT Acoustic Pressure Wave Therapy to treat pain, injury, sports & athlete, accident, chronic pain. A package of 4 treatments costs $450. For complete rehab recommend all 4 weekly treatments. Even works on TMJ! Reduces scar tissue. Releases
stiff Fascia. Do your research. FDA approved. Qualified practitioner. Also effective for connective tissue disorders. Regenerate tissue, dissolve inflammation, increase blood supply, reduces chronic pain, increases range of motion. Professional appointments
scheduled in my clinic.
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Pottstown, Pennsylvania, United States
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Posted By: Jennifer F.
Pennsylvania, United States
Date Posted: 11/21/2018
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