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Help with business contracts (enforceable)
What I Need:
I am starting a company, I have two sales men who are planning to sell on commission, I want to protect my company by all means from opportunists. Like using the business against me and the laws. Employment protection, just by using given business cards,
then they can claim look I was his sales executive, he has to pay 12 months salary, or any sort of gimmick. So business consulting contracts from a professional, with legal matters etc.
What I'm Offering:
Dating consulting
Persuasion, and negotiation specialist, have 10 years experience in dating consulting helping people find love (men and women). If you are too busy with work, and have lots of things to do, and not time to find love and a life partner, I can consult with
you and using my 5 years experience in marketing and persuasion to find out particular what suites you and most importantly where to find, and how and when to contact.
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Posted By: Sam M.
Sverige, Sweden
Date Posted: 11/30/2017
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