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help with taxes
What I Need:
help with taxes . should be very simple . I just do not like doing it.
What I'm Offering:
Industrious worker here, looking for work. I am consider an excellent crafts person being that I am enthusiastic and meticulous. Five years various fine painting experience. My work style is to work when work. Excellent plasterer, I have all my own tools,
plastering and painting. I am considered an excellent Trim and Cut Painter crafting beautiful crisp lines. I have a "good eyes" so I am told. Detail work: sanding I found that I have been able to keep up to pace with my team members all the while doing a better
job, excellent plastering, proficient at wallpaper removal, superb power washer. Rolling: considered a good roller . Also I have worked with spray painting. I have painted with professional companies thus far whom I left on good terms. I prefer to work in
a more meticulous manner. Also I have contracted jobs independently and run my own jobs. Also I have worked in other related fields, such as framing in which I served as an excellent craftsmen. All around great fine motor skills. I know that I can be of great
service, I would very much like the chance to learn more contracting skills. I have experience as a finishing carpenter. Having worked as an independent contractor for local bars, I have installed trim, water heaters, sheet rock, stoves, toilets and one kitchen.
I should also add that customers like me due to my good manners and helpful attitude. I have my own tools and car.
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philadelphia , Pennsylvania, United States
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Posted By: j r.
Pennsylvania, United States
Date Posted: 3/23/2017
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