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Home Repair
What I Need:
I am looking for the following work on my 1984 townhouse in Pikesville: - Install outdoor shed door - Replace bathroom sink (shut off valves frozen) - Fix / rewire electrical outlets and install outdoor lighting - Replace ceiling fan - Replace kitchen
ceiling fluorescent light - Painting - Repair ceiling water damage (recently got a new roof) - Remove a tree - Replace a rotting bathroom subfloor and tiles / remodel bathroom - Build a deck - Remove and replace/build a patio I would pay for all materials.
What I'm Offering:
Web Site & Online Marketing
I am a web developer and internet marketer with 20+ years of experience looking to trade services with an honest, skilled home repair company or individual. The services I can provide to grow your business include: - Build / update / edit your website
- Write sales copy - SEO/optimize website - Email marketing - Social media marketing - Online advertising, including Google Adwords (you would pay for ads, I would write, manage, optimize, etc) - Analytics & tracking - Digital Photography and a little video
Please Note: This swap requires you to be located near the following location:
Pikesville / Baltimore, Maryland, United States
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Posted By: Daniel K.
United States
Date Posted: 8/26/2016
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