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housing & possible loan to help get back drivers license (cdl) for gaining employment.
What I Need:
need temporary housing and short-term loan to regain drivers license (cdl) for employment making good money!!!
What I'm Offering:
Cooking, Cleaning, Caregiving for elderly or youth, yard work, painting, massage, etc.etc...
I am honest and hard working. I have many abilities and talents. I'm not looking for a hand out. Just a hand up. I will gladly repay any loan within 9 months.I will also be your personal maid and perform all household chores , including laundry, dishes,
dusting, windows, toilets, making beds, taking out garbage, grocrey shopping, mowing lawn,painting, patching holes, washing walls..etc... just about anything that isn't sexual or illegal
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Posted By: Shirley B.
United States
Date Posted: 10/15/2016
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