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Housing for my 2 dogs and me
What I Need:
I would love a basement apartment with a separate entrance for me and my 2 large crate trained, housebroken, friendly dogs. However one is anxious around other dogs, so it would be great if there were no other pets in home. Unless it's a Completely Super
Duper Submissive Male Uber Friendly Dog. I would be willing at this point just to have a room in a house in exchange for labor.
What I'm Offering:
Labor, Personal Assistant, Housekeeping, Massage Therapy
I am a hardworking, intelligent person and have many skills that I can offer you. I was an administrative assistant for 16 years, massage therapist for 11 years and I love cleaning, cooking, yardwork, gardening, painting, fixing things and helping re-organize
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Posted By: liz l.
Maryland, United States
Date Posted: 9/8/2018
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