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Housing reduced rental
What I Need:
My name is Michelle, I'm 54 August 28th My brother is Robert. (58) Robert is mentally challenged.We and our 2 small dogs need a small place even a 1 bedroom will work. Prefer to have a fenced yard which we will keep beautiful. We can afford aound $800.00
per month rent plus we can pay utilities. It really doesn't matter what city we live in. We re looking for a fresh start! I will explain in more detail when you email me.
What I'm Offering:
Massage/total body work/ Reiki, tarot life guidance, cooking
My offer I am an amazing body work specialist. I use Reflexology, Massage, touch therapy, release therapy, Reiki hot stones hot towels, epic foot rubs.Head to toe if you need to realign your mind body and soul. I'm the one to do that! Imagine feeling so
good every day that your excited to face the world again! Just one 90 minute session Is worth over $120.. I m a couples intimate guidance coach for making your way back to each other intimately.. I also would consider couples.. I make my own soaps, lotions
shaving creams, edible massage bars. I cook, clean Pretty much whatever is needed within reason.
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Colorado, United States
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Posted By: Michelle R.
Colorado, United States
Date Posted: 8/22/2018
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