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What I Need:
I need a clean, safe and comfortable place for my baby and me to stay for a few weeks to a couple months. A lot of the time out doing things for a good portion of my day. Im very respectful of others and their space, quite easy to get along with. You just
have to be someone who wont mind hearing a baby cry at certain times night or day.
What I'm Offering:
DETAILED HOUSE KEEPING , cooking, organizing, life coaching
I and am an excellent organizer and house cleaner. While i stay with you ill keep ontop of your home and it will stay as close to spotless at possibile! im also willing to help to sort through, minimize, sell or organize your things if you would like help
on that side as well. I can cook deliousous meals of all kinds and would definitely enjoy doing so in exchange for housing! Another skill of mine is helping others sort through their emotions and find the root of their life's issues. Eventually findinng peace
and love within which will enable one to move forward into a life of joy and clarity.
Please Note: This swap requires you to be located near the following location:
New Smyrna Beach , Florida, United States
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Posted By: Meradith R.
United States
Date Posted: 8/23/2016
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