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I need a car for a family of 5 in good condition
What I Need:
I need a safe vehicle to take my toddlers back and forth and I need it to be in the good enough condition where repairs are not needed. Something at least under 125,000 miles and from 2013 up.
What I'm Offering:
I am offering to create cakes and desserts and decoartions for any event in any design imaginable including sculpted designs.
I run a cake business and I am willing to do the dessert catering for any event wished for. I specialize in custom cake designs which include sculpted realistic cakes and much more. I would make not only a cake but the whole dessert table and decorations
for the event and get flowers if needed which can value alone anywhere from $2,000 to $5000 easily. This would feed 150 person party very easily and be the best setup you would see. The cakes I make alone could go for $1000 for just 50 people for sculpted
cakes. Life size cakes, whatever the need is I can do it. And I would cater the event first of course before receiving the car.
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Posted By: JoAnn B.
New Jersey, United States
Date Posted: 11/9/2018
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