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I need a carpenter, a skilled handyman, help to unclutter and remove 35 yrs of now unnecessary items
What I Need:
The exterior wood around patio door and window is badly rotted and needs to be replaced very soon. Also to do various repairs. My house is in desperate need of general repairs. I need dumpsters and help to clear out 35 yrs living
What I'm Offering:
Im offering my RN professional and domestic skills
Im an RN experienced in several specialties including managing patients in their homes. I can teach a new diabetic how to manage diabetes, give and teach injections, proper diet management, teach or do ostomy care. Also post surgical simple or complicated
wound care, wounds from immobility, etc. also have years of administering IV medication at home. If your health insurance wont cover the Skilled Nursing needed I will trade it to save my home. Also, if you have an infirm family member and you want to get away
I will stay and give them excellent and compassionate care. I will baby or child sit for short or extended periods. I can be there for your kids after school. Im very patient, and have a good sense of humor with young people. I love dogs. If your going away
Ill be buddy and caregiver. If your pet needs to get medication during your work hours Ive had years of giving meds and caring for sick dogs. Ive even given them IV meds at home. Elder care, child care, pet care are very expensive. Im desperate to save my
house. Let me know how I can be of service to benefit from your services. Im in the.Sewell/Turnersville area and willing to go a reasonable distance out of the area.
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Sewell, New Jersey, United States
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Posted By: Lauren G.
New Jersey, United States
Date Posted: 4/8/2018
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