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I need a cozy room for me & my mini-parrot companion of 22 years.
What I Need:
Currently living in San Leandro, but house is being sold. Looking for cozy (10x10 plus closet) for me and my mini-parrot who's been with me 22 years. She's exceptionally well-behaved (I do behavioral therapy with parrot owners), I'm a happy 50-something
What I'm Offering:
I'm offering: (1) paralegal/home office services of all types; (2) pet care (except cats); (3) assistance with disabled/elderly parent
1. I'm a certified paralegal with more than 35 years' experience. I do everything from creating/maintaining a complete office single-handedly; building websites & databases; running an eBay store & managing inventory; running a small business for retail
store owner. (2) I love dogs (and birds) and can assist with all types of pet care (and if you have a parrot with "issues," I can rehabilitate it). (3) I can assist with daytime needs of a disabled/elderly parent (or child): companionship, taking walks, driving
to MD appointments--not the care of a trained home aide, but "social services" for the affected individual.
Please Note: This swap requires you to be located near the following location:
SF Bay Area, California, United States
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Posted By: Nina K.
California, United States
Date Posted: 10/31/2016
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