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I need a motorhome, minivan, or RV, even a SUV would be acceptable.
What I Need:
I am planing to drive across country with this vehicle, so it needs to be in good condition.SUV, RV, or minivan prefered.
What I'm Offering:
1988 chevy camaro RS, with t-tops.
I got this car about 4 years ago and the original miles were 190,000. The guy that I bought it from had it sitting in a field for 8 years, the lady who owned it prior to him was in her 50's and only drove it to her work daily. I have spent the last 4 years
rebuilding the engine. It starts first time ALWAYS! Runs wonderful! Needs a paint job and new tires, but that is it. Don't really want to sell it, but my license is suspended and we are moving to Missouri in a week. There will be tears! It would make a wonderful
race car or fun for someone who likes old cars. KILLER DEAL!!!! (Can do home or office cleaning if you live in Missouri.)
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United States
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Posted By: Faye P.
Washington, United States
Date Posted: 8/6/2017
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