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I need house cleaning, massage, & beauty services
What I Need:
I need someone to clean my 1 bedroom apartment, do laundry/iron, cook, give me a massage, do my nails, facial, hair services, brow waxing, teach me yoga, or possibly other health/beauty services or lessons.
What I'm Offering:
I am offering energy healing and life coaching
I am an energy healer certified in reiki and access consciousness bars. I prefer to run bars on people as I feel the energy more with this modality. I am also a life coach so I can meet with you to give you more clarity, a breakdown for next steps, find
and clear any blocks you may be have due to limiting beliefs, give you marketing ideas for your business, or just be an ear to listen to. I can also assist you with finding a romantic partner via online dating and clearing any blocks to love.
Please Note: This swap requires you to be located near the following location:
San Diego, California, United States
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Posted By: Colette G.
California, United States
Date Posted: 6/20/2018
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