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I need life coaching/mentoring, professional organizing, social media
What I Need:
I need coaching/accountability. I need help in organizing my life - not so much physical stuff, but time, emails, files, routines, goals, etc... This can be done over the phone. I also need a massage.
What I'm Offering:
Energy readings, custom guided meditation recordings, life mentoring programs, vegan coaching, custom menu creation
I'm an energy reader and life mentor. I'm able to find blocks, habits, etc, receive messages from your guides, look at what you are drawing into your space, look at relationships etc. And I make custom self-hypnosis type recordings to help free you from
issues like insomnia, weight, habits, or to just help you step into your higher self. I also teach intuitive engagement, intuitive intelligence, vegan and raw food classes. We can do a one-time deal or I can create a program to help you move into a bigger,
higher expression in your life
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Posted By: Januarie W.
United Kingdom
Date Posted: 10/31/2016
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