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I need Marketing Services on Facebook & Internet.
What I Need:
Hi, beautiful! I sell insurance policies by having face to face meetings. I just need that you make a good relationship with people on Facebook or on any other social website. After making a relationship you just have to convince and request people to
have a meeting with our Sales Manager and I shall pay 12% commission and 2% passive income in addition to this I shall give you psychic readings that involve unconscious mind assessment. I shall assess your mind thoroughly to give you psychic readings and
advice based on the insights. Just keep in mind that you only have to do things online.
What I'm Offering:
Psychic readings and Advice that involve unconscious mind reading.
I shall give you psychic readings based on unconscious mind assessment. I shall assess your unconscious mind thoroughly and I shall give you authentic insights as well as authentic advice. You will certainly find out that how amazing are those insights.
Waiting to see you on the other side. You are invited and have a good day!
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Posted By: Hamed R.
Punjab, Pakistan
Date Posted: 9/28/2018
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