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Immigration attorney's help
What I Need:
I have written a formal Request for Waver of USCIS's 2-year Meeting Requirement for my K-1 petition, and assembled supporting documents. I need a skilled immigration lawyer ASAP to review my package and help me make it airtight before submission.
What I'm Offering:
writing, editing, proofing, public relations
My journalism career spans four decades and four continents. It includes staff positions as writer and editor in New York at AP, UPI, Reuters, and NYT News Service, and daily, front-page columnist on the Sydney Morning Herald. I also freelanced several
years writing and editing a newsletter for lawyers. A first-rate writer and a strict grammarian, I will check and fix your blogs, ads, news releases, etc. and polish them to a shine. Thank you.
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Posted By: Lars L.
Pennsylvania, United States
Date Posted: 3/8/2017
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