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In need of a home
What I Need:
My fiance and I are looking to relocate. We were living with these people whom my cousin hooked us up with and they are nothing but heroine users (WHICH I HATE drugs) and they have stolen literally everything we have had. Even tried to sell our 2000 chevy
blazer while we were sleeping. We are both willing to work for a place to live and were both very respectful, quiet and hard-working.
What I'm Offering:
office work, landscaping,babysitting
My fiance loves LOVES landscaping. Worked at his uncles 2 million dollar vacation home for the last 3 years, but has been doing landscaping for 10+ yrs. Also done tree work (climber and topper) and knows how to use all necessary tools. I am great with
office work (10+ yrs of computer training) , house cleaning, babysitting, and landscaping as well.
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Posted By: Christina L.
Date Posted: 8/2/2016
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