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landscaping,tiling, irrigation
What I Need:
Need my front yard leveled off and grass planted and irrigation if possible not neccessary. Had a tree removed, hired company to chip away at root, Still trying to remove what's left of it. Because the tree was too large for the space it hilled up the
yard around it. Once the yard is flat and grassy many other things could be done from fencing, patios, paths, trees, foundation plantings, freestanding flower boxes,etc. Likewise with the backyard though there were no large trees back there.
What I'm Offering:
childcare, adultcare
I have references and training for both childcare and adult care. I have a recent FBI check. Childcare can be done at your home or mine. Hours are flexible. Up to 5 children but no more than two infants at any time. I have a back up person to help if needed.
I can provide a two hour a day preschool/pre-K program and if the children are going to be here at my home , a playground and park are less than a block away and we could go there daily. All children are welcome as long as I am capable of caring for them.
The atmosphere I strive to create is one in which children are encouraged to be respectful and kind to others and creative and self motivated. Playdough, painting and other messy activities happen in this house. An extra set of playclothes are advised for
outdoors, art activities, possible accidents or can be provided. Sometimes an apron just isn't enough. Breakfast/lunch can be provided. What I would need from the parent is info on any allergies or medical conditions etc but we can discuss that later.
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Vancouver, Washington, United States
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Posted By: Susan D.
Washington, United States
Date Posted: 9/7/2018
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