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Licensed massage therapist
What I Need:
Looking for a LMT (preferably one with a sports medicine background) who is willing to trade services. I'm looking for a commitment of twice a month massage. One of those massages for myself, one for my wife.
What I'm Offering:
Chiropractic care.
Unlimited chiropractic care for the LMT providing services and a 25% discount on cash pricing for their immediate family. What a deal! Specifically you receive a complimentary examination, spinal manipulations, and extremity manipulations. Modalities (such
as massage, ultrasound, laser, electrical stimulation), Supplementation, and Xrays are not included. For just two, one hour massage sessions each month you can be adjusted from nose to toes as often as your heart desires. If you have any questions about details
or want to clarify anything please feel free to reach out.
Please Note: This swap requires you to be located near the following location:
Beaverton/Portland, Oregon, United States
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Posted By: Trevor H.
Oregon, United States
Date Posted: 8/10/2017
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