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Looking for a small, female dog companion for my dog.
What I Need:
My Chihuahua is lonely and needs a playmate during the weekdays.
What I'm Offering:
Free doggie daycare
I work from home 9-5, and can't console my dog after losing his companion. He's depressed and bored, but perks up around other dogs. I walk him twice a day, and would walk yours too. If you don't want to leave your baby home alone, we can help each other.
I'm a very conscientious caretaker, and would love to be able to offer your furry baby a nice home, fenced yard, plenty of affection, and a very friendly Chihuahua while you work.
Please Note: This swap requires you to be located near the following location:
Boise, Idaho, United States
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Posted By: Patricia W.
Idaho, United States
Date Posted: 6/19/2016
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