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Macbook Pro 2012 or newer for Music Production
What I Need:
Fully functioning Macbook Pro in good condition.
What I'm Offering:
I Tutor - Mixing, Music Production, Recording etc. (all genres)
My name is Eternal Love. Seasoned Producer, Writer, Mix Engineer with Numerous film/tv placements, and a few Billboard Top 100 credits. We use a video chat program that let's you share your screen, sound, keyboard, and mouse. Just like us being in the
same room together. Years of studio experience has given me volumes to share! I share REPEATABLE Production Techniques, so YOU CAN MAKE YOUR MUSIC SOUND GREAT! ... I was going to add some testimonials, but I think this one sums it up. Lol. Wow Eternal. YOU
are my secret weapon. I want to tell everyone about you, but at the same time I don't want anyone to know. --ANONYMOUS EDM / Pop Producer Contact me Today! Also please subscribe to my Vlog on youtube. #LoveExcelsAll - (trying to get my numbers up. Thanks!)
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Posted By: Eternal L.
United States
Date Posted: 7/6/2017
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