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massage, tattoo, relaxation, lessons of cool activities
What I Need:
What I'm looking for. 1. Massage and relaxation services. want someone with professional experience. 2. Tattoos work. Same thing want someone with professional experience and a portfolio. 3 Guitar lessons or other lessons for fun activities. snowboarding,
rock climbing, yoga, motocross, ect... 4. Anything that you might want to trade just let me know. I'll take anything of value
What I'm Offering:
Roofing services, Latin dancing lessons, mma/boxing/jits lessons.
Professional roofer for 7 yrs. steep(shingles, cedar shake, tile ect.. ) also flat (tpo, epdm, hot asphalt, ect.. ) basically any roofing material. Can also do roof maintenance gutter cleaning and roof repairs or whole new roofs. I have all my own tools.
Latin Dance lessons( salsa, bachata, merengue, ect... ) and blues or boxing,kickboxing, MMA lessons. I've taught at local latin dance clubs here in portland and have choreographed dances as well as performed and competed. I've also trained in MMA for about
4 years and have competed as well so if you want to learn a fun way to get in shape and practical self defense I can help you with that. I have all the gear required for training as well. Mitts, gloves, pads, head gear, ect....
Please Note: This swap requires you to be located near the following location:
Portland, Oregon, United States
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Posted By: Manny a.
Oregon, United States
Date Posted: 11/3/2016
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