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Massage Trade
What I Need:
Looking for someone with good hands and a good intuitive nature to meet up and trade. I have a table and can host. Recently moved to Oakland/Piedmont Hills area and am looking for something regular.
What I'm Offering:
Massage - Amazing Hands to trade and educate (singles & couples)
5 years as Massage/Sport Therapist UCLA Sports Med Clinic. Primarily college and professional athletes (baseball & basketball), from fútbol players, swimmers, triathletes, cyclists, to volleyball players. Many had never been massaged before visiting the
clinic. Always looking to do an exchange. I enjoy exchanging massage with men and women at all levels of the massage knowledge spectrum especially people new to massage. 2018 has brought me a handful of competitive boxers. 2017 brought a handful of couples
looking to learn more about intimacy through massage techniques. My preference is athletic women and men under 45. Lately, I swim a lot and recently took up boxing. I have a table and prefer to work on a table even if it means I need to host. Please have a
photo in your profile or in your response. It is good to see what people look like.
Please Note: This swap requires you to be located near the following location:
San Francisco Bay Area, California, United States
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Posted By: K C.
California, United States
Date Posted: 7/17/2018
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