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My car fixed
What I Need:
I bought this 2000 toyota celica gts I had someone who i thought new allot about car repair he took it for a ride upon purchase said there were a few minor issues noting major. He couldnt have been more wrong and im stuck with it now. The next day after
the puchase of this car it wouldnt move out of any gears it would go into all gears but would not drive like the break was on 4 days later a differnt person found the issue had to do with rear calipers today was 1st day i have been able to drive it. I took
it in for an oil change and was informed that my valve casket cover is leaking real bad needs to be fixed asap. That my power steering rack leaking from pep boys then another so called machanic said it was my speedo sensor which i ordered on line. I cant get
anyone on the same page or to follow through with repairs i have dished out so much money and still the repairs seem to be adding up i feel like om spinning my wheels and spending allot of unnecessary money that i was saving to move. Now it looks like my car
will be my home for a few so i really need someone who knows whats wrong and can really fix the issues and fast . i have been paying both my parts and 7the one who supposedly knows whats wrong . i cant offord anymore close to 3000 already I need help.
What I'm Offering:
.I do body rubs soft and intermediate massages. I will trade sessions for.
Full sensual body rub, or soft tissue, I can do intermediate semi deep tissue on hamstrings back or other places of concern. I can help with things you may not have time to do if you have a busy schedule errands kids what ever you may need i will dedicate
to. I just need help with this car. 3034221466 leave message text.
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Posted By: Kim K.
Colorado, United States
Date Posted: 4/1/2018
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