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My pipes unfrozen, weatherized, and patched if cracked OR the materials to do so.
What I Need:
My aunt's pipes are frozen under her trailer. We have been able to sorta defrost them but they freeze right back up. What we need is either someone who can come and defrost them, get our water running, and fix any cracks that may have occurred, and wrap
them to prevent them freezing back up OR the materials to do so quickly and efficiently. My aunt has two boys, one 9, one 16, and my husband and I are expecting a little one. We currently can't take showers, can't wash dishes or clothes, can't flush the toilets,
and we also have pets along with us two footers who need water to survive. We've been buying jugs at Walmart to cook and flush with, but it's getting expensive, and we can't keep it up. We desperately need help, and have many interesting things we can offer....
What I'm Offering:
Mac/PC work, Writing and Editing services, Decorating, Cleaning, Wedding Services, Knick Knack repairs, Master Illusionist services/classes, and more, see insi
We are a very handy group of people, and willing to provide a whole list of services that include: Computer/tablet/phone repairs on both hardware and software issues. Writing and editing services. This includes writing up ads for your business or social
media accounts, looking over your story for continuity or grammatical errors (which I apologize for if there are any on here....I'm on my phone), writing a speech for you, helping with a script, anything! Between my husband and I, we can tackle any format
you throw at us. Interior Decorating. If you house just doesn't feel quite "right" but you can't put your finger on it, we can help there too! My aunt is fantastic at decorating with whatever is on hand and we're all OCD, so you know we'll make sure we get
it right! ;) Cleaning, the same with above. My aunt is meticulous at cleaning. If you need help getting your surroundings on track, she can help you get things in their proper place and help reduce your clutter! Wedding Services! What does this mean? Well,
not only can I plan and throw a heck of a party on a shoestring budget, but I'm also an ordained minister (Open faith. Actually open faith too. I am spiritual, but I'm not ordained in a specific faith, so I'm not bound by any specific doctrine and can perform
any type of ceremony you may desire.) Knick Knack type repair. My husband can fix basically anything. I know I'm biased, but I'm also serious. It's one of the many reasons I married him. If something broke like a prized heirloom or even just "that thing you
really, really like", he can put it back together. He can also fix clocks and do restorations on antiques. On top of all of that awesomeness, my husband is also a Master Illusionist of over 25 years! I've been in the business with him for about 6 years now
as well, but he is phenomenal and has effects that are his and his alone. We even worked on the Las Vegas Strip for two and a half years. If you have an upcoming party (including for the holidays) or if you'd like to learn the behind the scenes of an effect
you saw once, to perform or cure your curiosity, he can do more then deliver. He offers customised shows that are close up driven and often end in a souvenir! He can even help you do a proposal if the holiday spirit has you wanting to make things more permanent
with your beloved. :) I can also do recipe conversions as needed for anyone who has a food allergy. I have several and have been getting really good at making things taste like things that I can't have anymore. Heck, I'll even cook a meal for you if you'd
like. My husband does have a food handlers license and I grew up with two parents and grandparents with culinary backgrounds. Whether it be a single family meal or assistance in catering, I can help there too, as can my husband and my aunt. If you don't see
it here, just ask us! We can more then likely help or figure it out as we go along. This pipe issue is more a matter of funding then anything, and not wanting to muck it up even more then it already is. Oh, and if you need help finding a product, we can help
there too! My husband and I are also general consultants, and we like to make things happen for other people. Anyway, thanks for reading this and I hope someone out there can help us. I'd love to cook a proper meal, and having two young boys in the house as
well....let's just say a running shower would go a long way.
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WAKEMAN, Ohio, United States
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Posted By: Robyn M.
United Kingdom
Date Posted: 12/21/2016
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