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What I Need:
Living room walls to paint. White over white...just needs sprucing up! Banbury , Oxfordshire
What I'm Offering:
Reflexology treatments
Reflex Touch Therapy is a gentle, deeply relaxing form of conventional reflexology, working with the life force energy of the body through the reflex points on and around the feet. Described from clients as a synergy between reflexology & Reiki and often
leading to a light meditative state or even sleep. Far more than just a foot massage, Reflex Touch Therapy is a soothing, non-invasive soft touch treatment that can pick up on subtle imbalances in individual Organs. Designed to relax the nervous system, Reflex
Touch Therapy supports your body in maintaining a perfect balance of homeostasis (rebalancing) by identifying the reflex points from the whole body and assessing and rebalancing these points. Having Reflex Touch Therapy can help improve sleep, stress, anxiety
and aches & pains - health happens when we are in balance; body, mind and soul.
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Banbury, United Kingdom
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Posted By: Lorna W.
Oxfordshire, United Kingdom
Date Posted: 9/19/2016
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