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Relocating: Living arrangements
What I Need:
Im looking to relocate potentially, and in my current situation, need a place to take my Disability Service Dog and Medicinal Garden and skills until I can transition to establish residency.
What I'm Offering:
Growing knowledge, Live-In professional Chef/in-home cooking instructor, and Maid services
College Certificate Degree in hotel and hospitality tourism management. Professionally Certified with 25-plus years of experience in kitchens and professional food service establishments. Professional cleaning and maid experience. Live-in Nanny experience.
Professional high-grade indoor/outdoor medicinal and horticultural knowledge and experience, specializing in stealth growing. Professionally knowledgeable animal/canine trainer. Experienced in all aspects of catering and event planner. Experienced and Knowledgable
landscaper and designer. Creative writing experience, along with social networking, marketing, and advertising knowledge and experiences Professional organizer, sorter, and pack-rat (hoarder) problem solver. BBQ enthuasist! A Minimal amount of personal savings,
for personal expenses. My own grocery money and a fully functioning and producing medicinal garden, along with enough supplies to start a small farm sized, for profit garden as well...
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Posted By: Mick L.
United States
Date Posted: 5/20/2017
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