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RN desperatly needs Breast Augmentation,
What I Need:
I am recently divorced from a man who cheated habitually for 14yrs of marriage and since I left, he now calls me boy titites. I mean they are small but not boyish I really don't give a damn what he thinks, I have always wanted to feel more curvy an able
to fill out my shirt and or bikini tops. This starting over after divorce is not cheap, and now is a good time, I'm off and its all I think about. Teardrop shaped in a D is all I have ever wanted for years, and now Its all my decision and I just don't have
those funds just yet. I would like to get out and feel like I can be noticed. If you are a good surgeon and can help me It would be so D-lightfull!!!!
What I'm Offering:
Pediatric or family RN-Nanny free of charge, Take A VACAY.
Hi I am an RN and I love kids and have three wonderful smart and hilarious children of my own. I have my BLS, ACLS, PALS and NIH Stroke scale so your children are not only in caring hands but safe ones as well. I have a history of Pediatrics, Med-surg,
Telemetry and just like babies and children nothing really ever works out as planned, its a normal day for me. Improvising and quick plan of action is what has made me so successful an awarded in my profession. I can do whatever is needed for your children
2 days a week for a full 6 months I click with kids and babies, probably because I read at a third grade level. I am an excellent Cook never the same meal unless requested, I help with home work, drive to practices or appts and If you would like to plan a
few trips I can work it out with my schedule no problem. Now this is a deal because a nanny is usually 705.00 or more for 5 days weekly live out. My 2 days at 141 per day equals 282 per week same as the nanny. 6 months of care and help equals to 6768.00. This
is not including when you take a vacay or just stay the night out, just an idea of care costs. On top of all this you have a seasoned RN that has seen or been through it all, you can enjoy time either at the spa or out with your spouse. Think about it, also
I get attached to kids and stay connected if possible to see how they have grown. I know at the end my offer exceeds the price of an augmentation. Boobies for babies, thanks for your time and possible consideration.
Please Note: This swap requires you to be located near the following location:
bay area, central valley, sacramento, California, United States
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Posted By: Jennifer F.
California, United States
Date Posted: 4/10/2017
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