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Skilled Handyman / Carpenter / Brick Mason
What I Need:
Offering a work-trade housing opportunity for a healthy, handyperson (M/F/age less crucial than lists below) with an experienced construction background and well-rounded skill set. Short trial basis first, but prefer long term. Private apartment in exchange
for your labor on a variety of remodeling and landscape projects. Things that won't fly very far (or at all) here include: - drugs / partying - smoking / addictive behavior - excessive drama or 'attitude' - laziness or a weak work ethic - lack of patience
or respect
What I'm Offering:
Qualified applicant will be provided free two bedroom apartment in exchange for part-time work. Interested?... email your story in brief to info(at)goingcoastal.org ... we're curious to hear what you bring to the table. Leave a phone number as well, and
you'll likely get a call sooner than later.
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Posted By: Barbara L.
United States
Date Posted: 11/18/2016
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