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Tech Side of Self Pulishing a Book,On line Marketing Stratagies
What I Need:
I am a professional writer and visual artist Self-publishing a small book that is both my poetry and photography on the Spiritual Theme of Nature Being Our Spiritual Home. I need someone with the professional,technical layout of the book so it is ready
for print. I also am interested in someone who has expertise in online marketing to reach the potential audiences for this book
What I'm Offering:
Professional PR Assistant / Brand Ambassador,Professional Painting,Timeless One of Kind Crochet Items
I have worked as a PR Assistant and Brand Ambassador in the Cultural, Enviromental and Medical Sector promoting their or my own products and or services. As a Painter I can give your walls or furniture a fresh new look or you could choose from my own Original
Art work . I can create Timeless One of a Kind Sweaters, Scarves, Hats, Dresses, Vests. If you are interested I am happy to send you references and pictures.
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Posted By: Meg M.
Ontario, Canada
Date Posted: 9/23/2016
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