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Vehicle or trailer/rv
What I Need:
A vehicle that runs or a rv\trailer thats able to be lived in
What I'm Offering:
Breitling bentley watch, vitage pocket watch, purses or wallets, 22 in. Flatscreen, etc
I have a real breitling bemyley watcj, a amtoqie pocket watch, a antique compact and ring that opsnz to a mirror. 22in. Flatscreen tv, orivinal pencil drawings, purses and wallets. I can offer baby,dog pr housesitting,cleaning oc commercial or residential.
My fiancee is a jack of all trades, specializing in electric....but has no tools of his own.....if u cpulx help,,,od be so greatfulqqqqqqqq
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Posted By: Sonja L.
Date Posted: 8/16/2016
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