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Website remodel and online marketing help
What I Need:
I have a Wordpress website that I need help with. I have it started but I want to give it some wow factor. Also, I need help linking Mail Chimp, facebook ads, landing pages etc. to automate my online coaching business.
What I'm Offering:
14 Week Fat Release Program and ongoing support
If you are needing to lose 20-40 pounds and change your life, I can help. I offer the latest tools for helping people experience fast weight loss in addition to coaching you on how to maintain the weight loss after you get to your goal weight. It is the
most effective program I have ever seen! Daily coaching for maximum motivation and accountability, clean, easy to follow meal plans in addition to help with changing negative habits and behaviors around food!
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Posted By: Jennifer L.
United States
Date Posted: 11/8/2016
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