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What I Need:
I am looking to work as your private Adminitrative Assistant in exchange for rent free cabin, loft, or cottage plus utilities. I have ran offices as a single Administraive Assistant. Worked for the government as a front desk specialist for four years as
a student. I enjoy multitasking and getting work done in a timely manner. Will maintain your fax and copy machines and computers. I am no stranger to many software programs and can learn most of them proficiently in a short time. Am able to keep up and or
build spreadsheets, keep your calendars up to date. desktop publishing, and PowerPoint projects. Can provide at least minimal tech support. Will use the best tools available from you to accomplish your objectives. I will do all of this in full exchange for
a studio apartment or loft, cabin with utilities on your property. Willing to give 20 hours a week to your office needs. Have a valid California drivers license and can drive you around to run errands. I can cook small suppers if you need help now and then.
Pros: Honest, loyal, respectful, hard-working and will keep your keep your business dealings private. Non drinker non smoker. Cons: I walk with a limp I have a service dog of 9 years (companion dog) she would stay in my place when I am working, as to not get
under your feet. We are both house broke and have our shots. I do not own my own car, so would need a ride now and then to the market. Highly allergic to ciggerett smoke. Even the smell of smoke on furniture and clothing makes me ill.
What I'm Offering:
Personal Administrative Assistant
I am motivated to move and to be of help to someone. We can discuss this more in detail later.
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Posted By: Donna C.
California, United States
Date Posted: 7/11/2018
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